Air Guitar World Championships

21.-23.8.2024 Oulu, Finland

Rules of the Air Guitar World Championships

The Air Guitar World Championships and all the national competitions held in connection with it obey the following rules:

1. Invisible Instrument
The instrument of the contestant must be invisible, i.e. air.

The contestant can use either an electric or an acoustic air guitar – or both.

2. Finalists
The champions of the licensed national competitions are admitted directly into the World Final.

The reigning world champion is admitted directly into the World Final, should they wish to defend their championship.

All the other contestants must participate in the Dark Horses Qualifying Round. Only independent contestants can participate in the Qualifying Round: Participants sent from unlicensed Air Guitar Contests (contests outside the licensed AGWC Network) are not allowed to compete in the Dark Horses Qualifying Round.

In the Qualifying Round each contestant will perform one song of their own choice. The duration of the song is 60 seconds. The jury chooses the most eligible contestants to participate in the Grand Final. The number of contestants to be admitted to the Grand Final is specified yearly by the event organizer.

3. Program of the Competition
The contestants chosen in the Qualifying Round perform first in the Final, in an order determined by drawing lots. After this the national champions perform, also in an order determined by drawing lots.

The contestants perform two songs in two separate rounds. The duration of each song is 60 seconds.

Round 1: Optional song, edited to match the duration requirement of 60 seconds, and submitted to the organizers two (2) weeks before the competition. The song must be submitted in the format specified by the organizers (see Competition Clip page).

Round 2: Obligatory song (60 seconds), which the contestants hear just before the second round.

In the World Final the contestants chosen in the Qualifying Round perform first, in an order determined by drawing lots. After this the national champions perform, also in an order determined by drawing lots.

4. Jury of the Competition
Jury will be selected by the event organizer.

The organizer asks the jury to consider the following aspects of the contestants’ performances: originality, the ability to be taken over by the music, stage presence, technical merit, artistic impression and airness.

Each member of the jury gives points from 4.0 to 6.0 for each performance. The points scored by a contestant from both rounds are added together, and the contestant receiving the highest total score wins.

5. Additional Details
Personal air roadies are allowed.

The contestant may use a real pick or even play in a finger picking style. Back-up bands – air or real – are not allowed.

There is no dress code, and the contestants may use props as they wish. However, any real musical instruments are forbidden, as well as using a prop as a guitar.

The contestant is responsible for clearing the rights to edit the contest song/s and other possible copyrights linked to their performance. Airnest Productions takes care of the music licenses of the live events.

The contestant is obligated to sign a contestant contract with Airnest Productions Ltd. The contract defines the contestant’s rights and duties. Airnest Productions Ltd. will send the contract to the contestant by email after receiving the registration.

Airnest Productions Ltd. reserves the right to change these rules.

National Competitions

Air Guitar World Championships is an internationally registered trademark. Licensed national competitions are held in various countries around the world.