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Air Guitar World Championships

Oulu, Finland

The airiest of them all has been chosen!

Air Guitar World Championships organized virtual Champion of Champions Championships for all the world champions on Friday 27 August. WINNER: Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard from USA, 2012 2nd place: Matt "Airistotle" Burns from USA with his 2016 performance (won the...

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The Champion of Champions Championships!

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, this year, in lieu of a live event, and in honor of our quarter-century history, The Air Guitar World Championships will host an online Champion of Champions Championships on Friday 27th of August, beginning at 8 pm EEST (Eastern...

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AGWC Carte Blance screening at Oulu Music Video Festival

The Air Guitar World Championships joins forces with Oulu Music Video Festival yet again! Northern oddity merges with international atmosphere at the AGWC: Letting Loose screening, curated by a group of air guitar organizers from all over the world. The screening...

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Air Guitar World Championships to be competed in 2022 

Air Guitar World Finals are postponed to next year. Due to the worldwide Covid situation a big majority of National Championships can not be organized and thus National Champions won't be selected. The official AGWC network consist of 14 countries from almost every...

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The first AGWC Awards given

For the first time ever, the AGWC Awards were given at the 25th Jubilee event on Saturday 14th November. The categories featured most excellent nominees and here are the winners: Shiniest Pants Award: Sven Spandex 2018 Best Hair: The WizAIRd of Rockenroll 2019...

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25th Anniversary party in November

Air Guitar World Championships celebrates its 25th Jubilee in Oulu on November 14. The event is not about competing but recollecting great moments from past years and taking a glimpse into the future. The Jubilee will be streamed and can be watched worldwide. If the...

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Air Guitarists accomplished a Guinness World Record

We at AGWC support the core of the splendid movie duo, Bill & Ted (Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) - be excellent to each other. While saving the world Orion Pictures asked us to help on a special mission: to invite air guitarists from around the world to...

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