Air Guitar World Championships

21.-23.8.2024 Oulu, Finland

Match Made In Air

In business world, transparency is often said to be the prerequisite for brand success. It’s also said that it is easy to fall in love with a genuine, transparent brand.

Perhaps for that reason, too, our events and air guitarists have inspired filmmakers, authors and researchers up to the doctoral level, and they’ve been spotted in several marketing campaigns, too.

This international media magnet and audience favorite event spreads its peaceful message around the globe throughout the year. In addition to the live and stream audience by the thousands, we earn millions of media contacts each year.

We are interested in partners whose values meet ours: we love peace, fly the flag for equality and desire to take care of the quality of our instruments by curbing climate change.

We gladly negotiate for diverse partnerships. Along with traditional event visibility, our brand can be utilized in a wide range of marketing communications and campaigns throughout the year.


Chenhao (Mirror) Song, Partnership Manager
Tel.+358 41 5770 763

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Match Made In Air

We offer our partners with memorable opportunities and guarantee unforgettable atmosphere.


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