Air Guitar World Championships

Oulu, Finland

Rockin’ in the Free World

Contestants around the world put their best on stage shamelessly with their invisible instruments. This phenomenon promoting world peace with a smile has inspired both filmmakers and doctorate researchers. You can’t hold a gun while you play the air guitar.

The Air Guitar World Championships has been arranged in Oulu since 1996. Welcome aboard!

Latest News

The airiest of them all has been chosen!

Air Guitar World Championships organized virtual Champion of Champions Championships for all the world champions on Friday 27 August. WINNER: Justin "Nordic Thunder" Howard from USA, 2012 2nd place: Matt "Airistotle" Burns from USA with his 2016 performance (won the...

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National Competitions

Air Guitar World Championships is an internationally registered trademark. Licensed national competitions are held in various countries around the world.

Match Made In Air

We offer our partners with memorable opportunities and guarantee unforgettable atmosphere.


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