National Championships - Air Guitar World Championships

National Championships

Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

For Love of the Sport

Air guitar playing in a competitive sense is almost a year-round activity, and the competition network extends to several continents.

Licensed National Championships are organized in more than ten countries: each country sorts out the best of their air guitarists in their own competitions. Only the official National Champions and the defending World Champion go directly to the World Final.

National Championships are held on both a hobby and a business basis, for the love of the sport in each case. Competition organizers will get instruction, visibility and contacts from the Oulu Headquarters.

Air Guitar World Championships is an internationally registered trademark, and the network operating under it acts in accordance with a peaceful ideology and common rules.

Please contact us if you’re interested in organizing competitions or cooperating with national competition organizations.

If you’re interested in taking part in the National Championships in your country, please contact the organizer: see each organizer’s contact info below by clicking the appropriate flag.

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