Air Guitar World Championships

21.-23.8.2024 Oulu, Finland

Way to the World Final

Air Guitar World Championships is more than just one night’s grand finale.

The season starts in the wintertime with National Championships around the world. The National Champions of the constantly expanding AGWC-network travel to Oulu in August to strive for the World Championship.

If you’re interested in taking part in the National Championships in your country, see more info in the National Championships page.

One can make their way to the intense AGWC Finals through National Championships or through the Dark Horses Qualifying Round. This sweaty, tight struggle will take place in Oulu the night before the finals.

Plan your trip

AGWC Headquarters strongly recommends: Arrive on Tuesday and don’t leave before Sunday. We’ll take good care of you!

The unofficial warm-up get-together is held on Tuesday evening.

All Dark Horses and other contestants are invited to Airientation on Wednesday, so if you want to make the most of your experience make sure that you arrive in Oulu in time! If your entourage also wishes to join the Airientation, please see more information and buy tickets HERE.

The Dark Horses Qualifying Round is competed on Thursday. The contestants’ info meeting (mandatory for all Dark Horses) is held on Thursday afternoon.

The World Final takes place in Rotuaari Square on Friday evening.


Watch Party

Are you not able to make it to Oulu this year to watch the Air Guitar World Championships final in person? Do you happen to own a restaurant, or other type of public venue where you’d want to invite people to witness international Air Guitar talent, and to cheer on your favorites in an intensive world championship final?

This is a great opportunity to host your own Air Guitar World Championships final Watch Party on Friday 23rd of August 2024. Hosting a Watch Party is completely free, and the only requirement is to have the equipment necessary for screening the stream (TV screens, or a screen and a projector, internet connection, etc.). The stream is broadcasted on our website starting at 19:45 EEST, and has a potential coverage of 334 million people globally (Meltwater media assessment 2022). The stream will also be saved on our website for on demand viewing.

We will be contacting some of the Watch Party venues during the final, so it’d be a fun addition if we could video call you, to then briefly show your Watch Party on the live stream. This will give your venue global visibility!

The Watch Party venue list will be published and tagged in the official Air Guitar World Championships socials before the final. We will send you the official watch party poster as a pdf, and also give you permission to utilize the Air Guitar World Championships brand name for drinks or other offers on the day of the watch party. This is a great opportunity to host a fun, unique event in your venue, attract new customers, and gain global visibility, all completely free of charge!

To host an official Watch Party, please contact: viestinta@oulunjuhlaviikot.fi


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