Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Airientation schedule published

The schedule of Airientation, the traditional kick off of the Air Guitar week has now been published. But what on earth is Airientation? The word “Airientation” is an Air Guitar -themed wordplay of the word “orientation.” Airientation Day is a happy reunion of the Air Guitar family and the best chance to meet old and new air guitar community members. Newbies, random visitors and local Oulu-people are all welcome.

As per tradition, Airientation takes place on the Wednesday leading up to the World Final, on the 21st of August. The Airientation day starts with the MastAIR Class Air Guitar show created by the French and Belgian air guitarists, at Culture Centre Valve. After the show, air guitar family and friends will move along for an Oulu-themed walkabout around the city centre. During this tour people will get to know and see some of the most characteristic Oulu attractions. The tour ends outside of the city centre at Lipporanta, where the World Music School AIR is celebrating its grand opening. As the last segment of the day, the Airientation crowd gets to take part in some fun activities in the school premises.

The tickets for the Airientation Day are 15 €, and they’ll be available for purchase at the start of July. You can find the day’s detailed schedule along with descriptions from the Airientation page.


at 12:00 – Gathering at Culture Centre Valve

at 12:15 – MastAIR Class Air Guitar show at Valve Concert Hall

at 13:15 – WC / Coffee break

at 13:30 – Oulu City Tour begins (about 4 km / 2.4 mi)

📍13:30 – Leaving from Valve
📍Marketplace Square, Toripolliisi (“The Bobby at the marketplace”) statue
📍Oulu Market Hall
📍45 Special -club (Dark Horses venue)
📍Rotuaari Square, Rotuaarin pallo -sculpture
📍Paska kaupunni (Shitty City) graffiti
📍Observatory Café / Oulu Castle ruins
📍approx 15:00 – World Music School AIR (Through Raati and Kuusisaari)

at 15:00 – Activities at the World Music School AIR

at 16:30 – Official programme of the day ends