Competition clip

Air Guitar World Championships

Oulu, Finland August 2022


Send us your one-minute competition clip beforehand in .wav or .aiff format. To make sure that the quality is high enough, please check that the settings are 44.1 kHz, 16-bit & stereo. Also note that we cannot accept the songs in .mp3 format.

You can either edit the clip yourself or send us a copy of your song with the preferred starting point but note that the clip is not allowed to exceed one minute. Please don’t use any volume maximisers, excessive compression, excessive limiting or drastig eq’s on master when bouncing the files (if you use these, please try to leave some headroom to file).

Your song will be played on a big sound system and dynamics are most important thing to maintain as most of the songs are already mastered. All the songs will be played on same SPL so trying to make track play loud does not help here. Thank you!

Send your song as a digital file by email at songs(at)

Please note that your song must be delivered by August 15th. The songs are needed beforehand for testing. We can’t guarantee that the songs sent after the deadline can be played in the AGWC contests, so please make sure that you deliver your songs in time. 

You can play different songs in the Dark Horses Qualifying Round and in the World Final. Please mark clearly on the clip, whether it’s for the Qualifying Round and/or the Final.

NOTE! Airnest Productions is not responsible for copyright clearance of your song. The contestant must clear the copyrights of the song before sending it to Airnest Productions.

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