Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Air Guitar festivities only three weeks away

Oulu August Festivals are here, which means that the Air Guitar World Championships final is only three weeks away! However, the Air Guitar week starts in less than three weeks with the Airientation day on the 23rd of August. You can buy your Airientation day tickets until the 22nd of August.

The Dark Horses Qualifications will be held on Thursday 24th of August, from which eight contestants will be chosen to enter the Friday’s World Final. This year we had an amazing amount of Dark Horses signing up, and we will be seeing Air Guitarists from ten different countries! Overwhelmingly most air guitarists will be arriving from the USA, with France being a good runner up. Other Dark Horses will be representing Ireland, Australia, Japan, Sealand, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. Not to forget the Finnish competitors.

We will be in for an interesting and exciting qualifications, with even some experienced air guitarists joining in after years of not competing. The contestants qualifying on Thursday have excellent chances of winning the World Champion title. As so happens that last year Kirill ”Guitarantula” Blumenkrants also made his way through the qualifications, and all the way as the Air Guitar World Champion!