Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Registration for the 2022 Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round is open!

Enter to the Dark Horses’ Qualifying Round by July 3!

To be the “airiest of them all,” you have to qualify. To get to the World Final on 26th of August, you must go through the Dark Horses Qualifying Round in Oulu on Thursday August 25. Countries organizing national championships have the possibility to send their representatives straight to the final as well as to the Qualifying Round. The rest of the Dark Horses contestants are divided by drawing lots, not on a first come first served basis! Sign up on the Entry page.
Deadline is Sunday July 3 (23.59 pm, UTC +3)! The spots will be confirmed and everyone who has signed up through the form will be informed on the 4th of July.

Make air, not war!