Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Oulu Music Video Festival programme includes Air Guitar collaboration

Oulu Music Video Festival has released the first set of this year’s festival programme. A traditional part of the programme for many years, has been the collaboration between OMVF and the Air Guitar World Championships. The event going by the name of “Carte Blanche: AGWC,” usually invites an internationally renowned Air Guitarist to curate a music video screening for the festival visitors. 

This year’s Carte Blanche: AGWC will be curated by the Belgium air guitarist Corentin “Airgus” Fermont, who holds the title of first Belgium National Champion ever selected – back in 2009. Since last year, Fermont has been the main organiser of the Belgium Nationals. He is also a member of the Air Band “The MastAIR Class,” a musician, photographer, and he works for the Belgium government on cultural education for children. Last year Airgus returned to Oulu after a 9 year long hiatus, and now he’ll be back again this year for the World Championships, as well as the Carte Blanche.

“The videos I will show you are about Air Guitar and how it really changed my life in 15 years. Follow me in this Air Guitar Journey.” Fermont describes on the OMVF event page.

More information about the event details coming up later this summer. Be sure to check out the freshly released programme of the Oulu Music Video Festival 2024.

Corentin “Airgus” Fermont at the 2023 Air Guitar World Championships Final – Photo by: Roosa-Maria Kauppila / Oulu August Festivals