Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Make the most out of Oulu2026 together with Air Guitar

Chenhao “Mirror” Song has joined Air Guitar World Championships Family as the Partnership Manager. Chenhao is on a mission to connect with partners who share our vision, ensuring that AGWC continues to shine both in Oulu and globally. Now is a great time to join and make the most out of the Oulu2026 the European Capital of Culture.

Why partner with us? If peace and equality resonate your values:

  • We offer global partnership opportunities
  • The 2023 World Final event attracted thousands of people to Rotuaari Square
  • The live broadcast is streamed worldwide, viewers in all continents
  • Media coverage of the event reaches 400 million people worldwide (Meltwater 2023)

Our goals:
 Peace on Earth—Make Air, Not War!
 Spotlight on Oulu—Capturing global headlines!
 Magic on Stage—Joy for all, near and far!

Watch a 76-second introduction and history of the Air Guitar World Championships on Vimeo.

Not only do we provide visibility and a commitment to peace, equality, and environmental sustainability for our partners, but we can also arrange for an air guitarist to perform at your event, nominate your favorite guitarist, provide VIP lounges, and host watch parties, among other things.

What do you have in mind? Let’s plan together!

Contact: Chenhao (Mirror) Song
Partnership Manager, Air Guitar World Championships

Tel.+358 41 5770 763