Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Dark Horses Qualifications Results

After a tight Dark Horses qualification round ten Dark Horses advance to the World Final. Australia´s Alex “Jinja Assassin” Roberts took the first place while Japanese Asuko “Sunflower” Tabata was the second. Former World Champion Kereel Blumenkrants, representing France was placed third. For the first time in years there is also a Finnish contestant at the World Final. Lassi “Trick Master” Hurskainen secured his ticket  to the finals after a solid performance in front of his home audience.

Altogether 26 Dark Horses took part in the qualifications.

1. Alex “Jinja Assassin” Roberts, Australia,  17,6 points
2. Asuko “Sunflower” Tabata, Japan, 17,2 points
3. Kereel “Guitarantula” Blumenkrants, France, 16,3 points
3. Frederic “French Kiss” Reau, France, 16,3 points
4. Toshio “Shariten KD” Kado, Japan, 16,2 points
5. Valentina “Electric Burrito” Urm, Russia, 16,1 points
5. Keisuke “Keisuke the Entertainer” Nagatsuka, Japan, 16,1 points
6. Lassi “Trick Master” Hurskainen, Finland, 16,0 Points
7.  Will “The WizAIRd of Rockenroll” Herndon, USA, 15,8 points (Won Air off)
7. John J. “Crusher” Healy,  USA, 15,8  points (won Air off)


8. Viet Dung “Airry Houdini” Nguyen, Germany, 15,8 points (lost Air off)
9. Del Kun Dave “G. Tso Raw”  Chen, Taiwan, 15,7 points
9. Aapo “Thunderbolt” Rautio, Finland, 15,7 points
10. Taylor “The Red Headed Strange Air – Thrillie Nelson” Fullbright , USA, 15,5 points
11. Jeffrey “The Airtiste” Stiles, USA, 15,3 points
11. Tom “Sgt Wrecker” Hill, Australia, 15,3 points
12. Tyler “Cat Friday” Gardner , Canada, 15,2 points
12. Darrin “Jimmy Dangles” Smith, Australia, 15,2 points
12. Katharina “Viking Aurora” Tomaschek, Germany, 15,2 points
12. Leopold “Cränkenstein” Tomaschek, Germany, 15,2 points
13. Rizwan “Papa Air” Ahsan, USA, 15,1 points
14. Sofia “Salmiakki Tears” Gorya, Russia, 15,0 points
15. Sven “Sven Spandex” Smith, United Kingdom, 14,8 points
16. Jacob “Airlectric Eel” Conger, Thailand, 14,6 points
16. Steffen “STEIFFEN!!! THE HYMNE DESTROYÉR!!!”  Heyne, Germany, 14,6 points
17. Steve “Fran Chopin” Ruggiero, France, 14,5 points