Air Guitar World Championships

21.-23.8.2024 Oulu, Finland

August 23, 2019

3 PM – Rotuaari Square – Free Entry

Keynotes, panel discussions, world saving idea competition’s final, communities and companies finding solutions together! This is our Symposium for Climate Change and World Peace.

We at the Air Guitar World Championships and Oulu August Festival feel that climate change is the biggest threat to peace. Our symposium seeks solutions to the climate change from the common people’s point of view. This year’s theme is circular economy and the youth’s voice will be heard clearly.

We encourage companies, associations and communities to come and save the world with us! Contact: Producer Uula Neitola,, tel. +358 40 732 4344.

Timetable 2023

August 23: Airientation

August 24: Dark Horses Qualification

August 25: The World Final