Air Guitar World Championships

23.–25.8.2023 Oulu, Finland

Changes in Dark Horses Qualification sign up

This year we are changing things up! We will have the sign ups in two patches:
Early Bird sign up 13.5.-17.5.2024, and a later possibility 1.7.-15.7.2024.

Both patches have 11 spots available for the Dark Horses Qualification round in Oulu on Thursday 22.8.2024. If more than 11 sign up, the spots will be raffled. You will get the confirmation and payment link on 20.5.2024 for Early Birds and 18.7.2024 for July sign ups. The Dark Horse spot will be finalized upon completing the payment.

Additionally to these 22 spots, 8 spots are automatically reserved for Dark Horses from the National Championships of each participating country.