Nordic Thunder (EN) - Air Guitar World Championships

Nordic Thunder

Chicago, USA

A true air guitar legend, Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard is a world champion who has travelled the world performing his invisible axe for tens of thousands of people from the Arctic Circle to the dunes of Qatar. In 2021, he was chosen as the Champion of Champions among all the previous air guitar world champions.

Opening for acts such as Andrew W.K. and Kool & The Gang, Mr. Thunder has also conducted workshops in children’s classrooms, participated in music therapy sessions with disabled children, and has given numerous lectures around the world where he speaks passionately about using air guitar as a tool to cultivate world peace.

Mr. Thunder has also represented major brands globally, the biggest being Dr Pepper. He also makes an exceptional host and recently he has hosted the Air Guitar World Championships Finals.

Don’t be fooled by his barbaric looking appearance, Nordic Thunder is a giant teddy bear full of love!